Chiocciola Bedroom   

(The Snail's Spiral Bedroom)

Large, quiet bedroom facing east, furnished in a pleasant mixture of old (wallpaper, parquet flooring, stucco decoration, and a chandelier of Venetian glass) and new (including a bookshelf that curls like a snail's shell) in soothing tones of green and warm brown. You can sleep in a relaxed atmosphere and wake up with the sun shining through your window, before venturing out for a day of meetings or sightseeing. The bedroom is equipped with a large bathroom with shower, bathtub and bidet that can be shared with the Suns Bedroom, and a 24/7 WIFI connection. A third bed can be added if desired.

camera chiocciola camera chiocciola the view
camera chiocciola camera chiocciola the bathroom